Career Exploration Days

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Career Exploration in the Valley

The Da Vinci Center opens its doors to students who are interested in the “STEM”, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, career path. Students will be able to speak with STEM professionals and get information on the different fields. Some of the upcoming events for the Career Exploration Days include “WISE”, Women in Science and Engineering, Days and “Explore Healthcare”. WISE days consist of special workshops and activities with female STEM professionals and college students. WISE runs from March 1st – the 3rd. Explore Healthcare teaches how we can keep the Lehigh Valley safe and healthy! This workshop runs from March 15th – the 17th. You can find out more information about these workshops here!

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Auto Show in the LHV


Automobile Extravaganza!

Rev your engines, LHV car fans! The Lehigh Valley Auto Show showcases the newest and boldest automobiles from Detroit and beyond! The 21st annual Auto Show will the largest one to date.

The show gave a sneak peek at the event coming up in March. There are a bunch of new surprises in store this year! This year they will be featuring a beer garden and will be hosting a preview gala. The preview gala party will be casino themed and will offer drinks, food, and a jazz trio playing Frank Sinatra. Most vehicle brands sold in the Lehigh Valley will be in attendance! The Auto Show begins on March 22nd and goes until March 25th. You can find out more information here!

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Photo source: Via: DiscoverLeighValley

Civic Theatre’s “Rock of Ages”!


Rock the House!

The Lehigh Valley has a lively and thriving theater scene. This past weekend, Civic Theatre showcased “Rock of Ages”. Performers rocked the house with their incredible vocal range and passion for the music of the 80’s.

“Rock of Ages” shined the spotlight on “small town girl”, Sherrie Christian, and her love interest Drew Boyley, who has dreams of becoming a big-time musician. The musical featured major hits such as “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, “Don’t Stop Believing”, and “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. Cedar Crest College’s Alumnae Auditorium Theatre opened its stage to the performers due to the Civic Theatre currently being renovated. The Civic Theatre will be undergoing renovation until Fall 2018. You can check out upcoming Civic Theatre performances here!

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Photo source: Via: The Morning Call