Spirits & Salem: Gallows Hill Spirits


Salem Spirits

Lehigh Valley craft spirits aficionados will rejoice to hear that a new distillery opened its doors in the Valley! This old-timey distillery is giving the Valley a glimpse into the past where witchcraft and mass hysteria occurred in Salem, Massachusetts.

Gallow Hills Spirits distillery is telling the story of the Salem Witch Trials from a personal perspective, with witchcraft being in the distillery family’s own past. Their ancestry traces back to a common carpenter convicted of witchcraft named Samuel Wardwell. Ten generations later, the story continues with the distillery’s most noteworthy concoctions. One of the concoctions is named after Tituba, a famous figure from the Salem Witch Trials. Tituba’s Silver, Moonstone Rune, and Soothsayer Vodka are some of the specialties you can try! In addition to the others, a cream liqueur, Chai Milk Punch, is coming soon.

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